Our Mission

We strive to provide an early childhood environment that integrates a multi-sensory approach to education that promotes individualized, optimal child development experiences and learning readiness of the whole child.

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Early Childhood Philosophy

Our environment and curriculum is inspired by both historical early childhood philosophies and research-based methods for teaching. We use teaching practices that are child-directed and teacher guided. We recognize that children can have different and individual learning styles and embrace diversity.   

Program Goals

  • To provide a warm and nurturing environment where the young child’s learning can thrive through play and directed activities.
  • To stimulate the young child’s learning with activities in areas of reading and math readiness, art, music, language, motor skills, culture and ethics.
  • To encourage the self-esteem of the young child through respect of cultural and ethnic diversity with the support of teacher, class, and school.
  • To create a love of learning and develop a life-long learner who challenges himself/herself daily for future school and life success.

Enrichment Programs

  • Language and Literacy Program
  • Spanish Program
  • Creative Art Program
  • Music and Movement Program
  • Social-Emotional Development Program

Explorative Environment

Our environment is built for exploration and discovery. We are continually redesigning the environment to stimulate the developmental needs of children and promote growth in the areas of fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, social and emotional, and speech and language development. Children are given opportunities to explore, discover, problem solve, and build a strong foundation for future learning experiences.

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Integrative Curriculum

Creativity is the core of our curriculum. The ability to create, to think divergently and to problem solve are all important skills necessary for success in our world today and the world of tomorrow. We provide activities that integrate practical skills and imagination. We integrate the teaching of reading readiness, language arts, math and science with the areas of art, music, drama and movement.

We use a thematic approach in planning our activities. We, along with the students, choose themes, or units of study and center our activities around those themes. Our activities are offered at a variety of levels so that children can choose an activity that is developmentally appropriate for them. Choice is an important part of our program. Children are encouraged to participate in all activities but they are able to do them at their level and in the amount of time they need.